The blue deck was made for one combo. That combo is as follows:
First use Extraplanar Lense on an island. Then play Horseshoe Crab and attach a Psionic Gift. Next, tap 7 islands to make 14 blue mana. Play Palinchron for 7 and untap 7 islands. Return Palinchrn to your hand for 4. You have 3 blue mana left. Repeat prosses infinately many times. Tap Horseshoe Crab to deal 1 damage to your opponent and untap it for one of the infinate mana. Repeat untill you win.

A lot of the cards in the deck can get you more cards to make this combo work. If you want, attach Sigle of Sleep to Horseshoe Crab and return your opponents creatures to their hands. These are the only stratagys I can give you.