On-line Calendar for the WHS PTSO

If you are like me, then each month you get the newsletter from the PTSO and you dutifully enter dates from it into your personal calendar. I figure that there are a lot of us, all doing the same work. Now there is a better way!

One of us (That would be me.) enters all those dates into a Google calendar. All the rest can tell Outlook (on Windows) or iCal (on a Mac) where to look, and set their programs to check (once a day, maybe just once a week) for updates. No more work (except for the one). If you synchronize your home computer with a portable device, then you will have the calendar with you wherever you go.

Caveat: Many events have an official start time but no official end time. When I enter them in the on-line calendar, I have to choose something. Do not rely on the end times shown here.

To get started, just copy this URL into your calendar program (e.g., Outlook or iCal). Remember to set it to check for updates. You can also browse the calendar below, or use this link to see the calendar in a separate window in your browser.

Here is the calendar in the month-at-a-time view. You can switch to the week-at-a-time or agenda view using the tabs along the top.

Here is the calendar in the week-at-a-time view:

Here is the calendar in the agenda view:

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