Square Dance Definitions

These pages are devoted to rewriting the CallerLab definitions of Square Dance calls (and positions etc.) in DocBook format. From DocBook, we can generate HTML (or xhtml) and PDF versions, as well as other formats.

Current Status

As I write this (late February, 2007), these documents should be considered as inaccurate drafts; do not rely on them! This is my first project with DocBook, so it is a learning experience. Expect beginner's mistakes. Also expect typos (some of them weird) and lacunas. When and if I get something usable, I will try to distribute it from the CallerLab web site, not here.

Here is the current work in progress. These are all based on the definitions of Basic and Mainstream calls from CallerLab:

Why Bother?

My hope is that this project will have the following immediate benefits

If this project continues, there is more that we can do. For example, CallerLab could define a DTD for square dance definitions. This would give a standard xml format for definitions of square-dance calls, including level, starting position, definition, ending position, styling notes, and timing notes. A similar format could be used for formations and concepts, as well. We could maintain all these definitions in xml files or in a little database. Then we could use a little XSLT to generate the bulk of the CallerLab documents. We could even generate other formats, such as flash cards.


To Do

Change Log